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Newton Area Peace Center, “Newton Area Peace Center Newsletter,” Hesston Public Library, accessed July 25, 2021, https://hesston.digitalsckls.info/item/471.

MAY 1990
BOX 185, NEWTON, KS 67114 (284-2828) In this issue:______________________
- Page 3 Environmental Coordinator
- Page 4 Usual Disgusting Lies
- Page 5 Khmer Rouge Funded by U.S.
This Month:
What: Simmer Potluek and New Games
All NAPC Members & Guests
Part 1: El Salvador & Nonviolence
Solidarity Comes Before Conflict Resolution
The skills of resolving conflict are often praised in the peace movement, maybe especially within Mennonite circles. I, too, think conflict resolution is very important, but to me, it is only helpful following solidarity.
Solidarity means acts which give support to or open up space for the oppressed or exploited in any conflict situation. It is solidarity that pressures the South African government to negotiate an end to apartheid. It is solidarity that has helped open up enough political and humanitarian space in El Salvador so that the opposition groups and the churches that call for a just society can negotiate as equals with the government there. It is after solidarity has, in part, succeeded that those with conflict resolution skills can work in South Africa or El Salvador to mediate a resolute change.
I think the same idea applies to interpersonal conflict or community conflict. For example, in a conflict between a man and a woman it may take a third party to put pressure on the man — usually the person in the power position, giving solidarity to the woman, to allow a fourth party to then resolve the conflict.
Although the one in solidarity and the one mediating may need to keep a critical distance they should see their roles as complimentary. Generally only a few persons are needed to resolve conflicts, whereas masses of people are often required for acts of solidarity. So, while it is helpful that people are trained in conflict resolution at places like Bethel College, most people within the peace movement who wish to resolve conflicts should be in creative and critical solidarity with the exploited of the world, whether that be Salvadorans, South Africans, or death row inmates here in the U.S. first in a three part series — Tim Lohrentz
This Month:
What: Simmer Potluck and New Games
Who: All NAPC Members & Guests
When: 6:30 p.m., Monday, June 4.
Where: Athletic Park, near playground, Newton.
Note: Please bring an entree, salad,
dessert, or other item of food, as well as table-service. Grills are available. Drink will be provided. We will be playing games from the New Games books. Please dress casually. Bring the whole family. **** Lots of fun! ****
Clothes Packing for Nicaragua Continues
Several tons of clothes leftover from the Hesston tornado relief effort are being sorted, packed, and bailed to be sent to Nicaragua to send a clear message to the Nicaraguan people that in spite of changes there U.S. citizens are prepared to continue aiding the grassroots organizations and churches that work with the poor.
Quest for Peace is the group in the U.S. that coordinates the solidarity effort. The clothes are distributed in Nicaragua by the John XXIII Institute on the Jesuit UCA campus. Many of the clothes go to cooperatives who sell the clothes and use the money to finance self-development projects.
Rosemary Reimer, President of the NAPC Board, is coordinating our efforts to pack the clothes. The packing is taking place in the north part of the northwest building of the MCC center at 106 W. 24th St., North Newton. Packing will continue through May on Tuesday and Thursday evenings: 6:00 - 9:00
p.m., and Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Thanks to all who have helped already. Call the peace center, 284-2828, to volunteer.
CUt in Military Aid to El Salvador Expected
The House of Representatives was expected to vote on a proposed 50% cut in military aid to El Salvador on May 21-22. The Senate will probably vote on a similar package soon after that. Please contact Sen. Kassebaum to urge her to vote to cut military aid by 50%. Her Washington #: (202)224-4774.

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