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"Methodist" -back of photo
Updated 2016/10/27: Hesston Inter-Mennonite Fellowship. Now (2016) Kingdom Life Ministries.
Sommerfeld, Harold
"Methodist Church at NE corner of Ridge Road and Lincoln St (also known as "Dutch Ave")" -back of photo
Dedication of Hesston United Methodist Church -back of photo
Dec. 15, 1971. Methodist -back of photo
Sommerfeld, Harold
Hesston United Methodist Church Dec. 11, 1969 -back of photo
Sommerfeld, Harold
Updated 2016/10/27: Believed to be Hesston Mennonite Brethren Church under construction.
Sommerfeld, Harold
"Ground breaking Sept 21, 1969. The United Methodist Church, Hesston, Kansas." -back of photo
Sommerfeld, Harold
"Razing of Methodist Church that was located in 100 block east on Smith St. On south side and east of alley." -back of photo
Sommerfeld, Harold
Hesston Methodist Church. Now site of City Hall. Photo taken about 1960. -provided by Betty Hartzler.
"Sale at Methodist Church that was located on South side of Smith Str. and East of the alley, in 100 block East. This church was razed and a new city…
"The Hesston Methodist Church, Hesston, Ks. Originally built 1 mi east and 1/2 north (west side of road) of the intersection of Ridge Road and…
Ron Guengerich, Pastor of Whitestone Mennonite Church
Peter & Rheta Mae Wiebe hold up a quilt.
"Peter Wiebe, Pastor. One of three serving Hesston Mennonite more than ten years" -caption.
"Ministers of Meridian Menn Church" -back of photo
David Mann, pastor of Hesston Mennonite Church -back of photo
Whitestone Mennonite Church
Sommerfeld, Harold
Whitestone Mennonite Church, Hesston, Ks. -back of photo
"The Hesston Mennonite Church under construction on the College campus. Hesston College" -back of photo

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