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Tornado Stories

A collection of stories and first-hand accounts of the 1990 Hesston tornado.

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Wenger, Chad
Account by Chad Wenger for school, handwritten and transcribed.
Roupp, Paul
Account by Paul and Anna Roupp, with photographs and excerpts of articles.
Livengood, Hannah
Account by nine-year old, Hannah Livengood, published in Story Friends, January 20, 1991.
Lee, Jennie C.
Account by a resident of the Showalter Villa,
Hull, Judy
Account transcribed from hand-written document.
Hugie, Nancy
Account transcribed from audio-cassette recording.
Friesen, Judy
Account by Eva Osborne, after interviewing HCCC Director, Judy Friesen.
Friesen, Freda
Account by Freda Friesen
Beyler, Mary
Letter from Mary Beyler to friends.

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