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Lyle Yost / Hesston Corporation Collection

Visit this collection hosted for us by the Kansas Historical Society by following this link: http://www.kansasmemory.org/locate.php?categories=11928-13703&

The collection includes photographs, articles, and ephemera featuring Lyle Yost and the Hesston Corporation.

From USD 460's mascot, "The Swather," to the national Hesston Rodeo, the Hesston Corporation created more than cutting-edge agricultural machinery. At its height, over 70% of Hesston's residents were employed by "the Corp."  The original Hesston Corporation was sold in 1987 to Fiat and in 1991 to AGCO. The Corporation's forty years of archives - sales manuals, training documents, management ledgers, internal newsletters, photos, awards, posters and films - were donated to the Hesston Public Library in 2014 by the Yost family. No other cohesive collection of Corporation archives is known to exist.

Funded through the 2017 Kansas Digital Access to Historical Records (KDAHR) Regrant Program.